our new home

by - August 06, 2015

Suddenly the whole "moving to Brisbane" has become very real... we officially have a new home!

The house my boyfriend is currently renting has suddenly become unavailable so with my impending move we decided it made sense to find somewhere we both liked and for me to be officially on the lease.

So here it is! And yes, I'm super excited for the pool!!

Looking out from the dining area to the backyard and the pool!

The current decor isn't exactly to my taste but once we get our furniture in there and we can put our own little touches on the place, I think it will be completely transformed. One of the most exciting things is that there is the possibility the home might also be available for sale in 12 months.

Our new pool!


Media Room

Main bedroom

En suite
Cute, huh? That spa bath has my name all over it... and have I mentioned there's a pool?! With Sydney's almost arctic weather, currently I'm dreaming of stretching out on a sunbed in the backyard on a warm Queensland Sunday afternoon with a book in one hand and a glass of wine (or should that be a pina colada) in the other.

The move is officially 72 days away now so I have just over 10 weeks to completely pack up my apartment and move my life north. Having this place as an incentive though is making the thought of all those boxes kind of bearable.

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