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by - June 16, 2015

One of the many positives about moving interstate in the next few months is the thought of getting to decorate our new home together.

My eyes are firmly planted on the new Mark Tuckey x Cotton On range which launches online next month. The collection features pieces for the living areas, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen and everything is made using quality materials such as cotton, linen and ash timber with prices starting from $14.95 for a twin mug set to $189.95 for a king duvet set.

I chatted with Louella Tuckey about the launch of the range.

What prompted the collaboration?
It was something that came out of the blue really. Cotton On first approached us with the view of us looking after their store fitouts and the conversation kind of progressed from there - we mentioned that we used to have a homewares store in addition to the furniture store and it turns out Cotton On have been looking to enter the homewares market for a little while. The timing was perfect.

Who is your target market?
We were very much aware of the existing Cotton On customer when we created this range. It’s a younger market than has traditionally been exposed to our brand which is really exciting for us, but having said that I really think the products in the range will appeal to a very broad market - everyone from teenagers wanting to decorate their bedroom to older couples looking for quality, affordable pieces.

You've never done a collaboration like this before - is it going to be on on-going relationship?
Yes, it's definitely not a one-off thing, we’re already looking at pieces to add to the collection when the new range drops in October. This is a long-term partnership and we’re thrilled with how the collection has come together.

How many pieces are in the collection?
There's about 35 different pieces but when you look at different colours for each piece etc., it extends to about 80 individual products.

Often with designer collaborations, the designer is simply putting their name to a product. How much input do you and Mark have into the final look and feel of each product?
The bottom line is that Mark and I wouldn’t be putting our names to something that we weren’t 100 per cent proud of and there’s not one part of this collection that we haven’t personally signed off on. We were very upfront from the very start of the partnership that we were only interested in ethically sourced and produced goods. The team at Cotton On were great and very happy to talk about their ethical background. I went on a buying trip with them to India to meet suppliers which turned out to be a very inspiring trip.

Mark Tuckey x Cotton On launches online on July 3 and in select stores nationwide on July 8. 

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