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by - June 14, 2015

So right now I'm experiencing some pretty serious change in my life. I'm in a relationship with an amazing man whom I love very much but the catch is he lives 917km away (to be exact!).

The big move north is on the cards for me in the next few months and, to tell you the truth, it can't happen quickly enough. I'm not the best with the process of change (who is?) and long distance relationships are hard. Not hard work so much as just plain hard. Being away from the person you love sucks - not very poetic but that's the only way I can think to describe it. We try to see each other every few weeks but saying goodbye is always difficult.

As a girl who thought I'd live in my hometown forever (that Harbour!) and as someone who writes about houses and interiors professionally, my impending move has me thinking about the concept of home.

Part of me knows I will always call Sydney home. It's where my friends and family are, where my memories of growing up are and where my job and my cute little Harbourside apartment are. But when the person you love lives somewhere else, that place also begins to feel like home... and I guess it soon will be.

This is just one of the things that has prompted me to start this blog. Once I head north, the plan is to buy a house of our own and start renovating so I hope this blog might also help us document the whole experience. Exciting times!

In the meantime though I'm planning to devote my energies to writing here about relationships, love and home - both the concept and, of course, all the pretty stuff you can put in it.

Enjoy! xx

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