A little rejuvenation

by - August 30, 2016

I've been back in Sydney these past few days for a little R&R. I've made no secret of the fact that making a new home away from my family and friends has been a bit tough on me.

The love and support of my fiance is getting me through the day-to-day but sometimes, as I've written about, you just need a hug from your mum. I came down to spend a couple of nights with my family and catch up with a few friends and, to be honest, it's been just the pick-me-up I needed. I'm heading back to Brisbane this afternoon excited to be reunited with my fiance and feeling refreshed, renewed, rejuvenated and ready to get on with making our new life together.

But before this afternoon's trek to Sydney Airport, this morning mum and I indulged ourselves with a visit to Gillian Adams Salon and Spa - her to get her hair done and me for a facial and some time in their amazing aquamedic pool and steam room.

It was just what I needed. My facialist recommended a calming facial with healthy dose of facial massage, a hydrating mask and a session under the Omnilux (aka the magic orange light). Using a mix of products from Jan Marini and Babor, the facial was absolute heaven. It's been a while (read: years) since I've indulged in a skin treatment but I definitely won't be leaving it that long next time.

My 20 minute Omnilux session was the icing on the cake. If you haven't heard of Omnilux before, let me... ahem, enlighten you. Using a matrix of LED's, the Omnilux lamp delivers pure, narrow-band light direct to the skin. Put simply, it's non-surgical light therapy designed to stimulate the skins natural collagen production.

There are three different lamps, each one with a different coloured light that treats different conditions. Omnilux Blue is best for oily, acne-prone skin as it works on minimising sebum, bacteria and inflammation. Omnilux Revive has a red light that stimulates collagen and increases the moisture in your skin and Omnilux Plus, uses a thermal light to help rebuild and strengthen deep tissue and increase the skins blood flow. Today I had the Revive treatment to help restore my skin's natural barrier and increase moisture.

If you've never tried Omnilux before, be warned the light is BRIGHT. Unlike the pic above, the lamp sits really close to your skin and even through a heavy eye pillow and individual eye protection, the first few seconds take some adjustment. But stick with it and you'll see the benefits after just one treatment. Of course, like most skin treatments the real benefits come with a series of sessions. I'm going to try to fit in one per month through until my wedding in April.

Aside from the amazing skin results (your skin literally glows after a treatment), I've found another benefit to this little 20 minute gem. The intense light can boost the levels of natural endorphins in the brain so you actually feel happier after a treatment. I know, I know.. who doesn't feel better after a facial but I can really attest to the feel-good factor as an added bonus (especially if you need a recharge).

To find out more about Omnilux, click here.

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