So we went to New York... and this happened

by - May 24, 2016

Yes, I'm engaged! And to tell you the truth, I think I'm still getting over the shock! It happened more than a month ago while we were holidaying in New York but I feel like it's only all just starting to sink it... I'm going to get married!

Of course the first question everyone is asking is have we started planning yet. But honestly I think I was so overwhelmed for the first few weeks that I couldn't even think that far ahead. I'm sure some people - my fiance included - thought my lack of planning mojo in the first few weeks was a sign I wasn't 100 per cent into the whole wedding thing. I think the poor guy was a little worried in all honesty.

True, I'm not a real girly-girl who has dreamed of my wedding day my whole life. To me, a wedding is a mark of two people's commitment to each other and the colour of the centrepieces doesn't really matter. Sure I want everything to look pretty and perfect but if I end up with rhododendrons instead of roses, the world - or my marriage - isn't going to end. And maybe it's my age but the thought of spending an amount akin to a deposit on a nice home on just one evening sends shivers down my spine.

But now the reality that I am soon to be a Mrs. has sunk in I'm feeling more ready to tackle the ginormous task ahead of me. The first hurdle we faced was the type of wedding we wanted to have - I'm happy with small (and I mean really small) and intimate whereas my fiance is more of a big-party-for-everyone-we've-ever-met type of thing. We've managed to come to a middle ground of sorts and, at the moment, we're thinking of a destination wedding where whoever wants to come see us tie the knot is welcome.

Our engagement pic! Yes, this is where it happened.
It's a really exciting time but I'm conscious of not getting too bogged down in the detail and enjoying our engagement. I know I'll never get this time again so I want it to be as stress-free as possible.

And for all of our friends reading this... consider this your official notification that we've finally set the date (well kind of!). We're hoping for the second week of April 2017 - almost exactly a year to the date we got engaged. Stay tuned.

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